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  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express  v.1.0XNA Game Studio Express enables hobbyists, academics and small, indie game developers to more easily create video games using new, optimized cross-platform gaming libraries based on .NET for Windows and Xbox 360. The beta 2 release targets games ...
  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio  v.4.0XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a programming environment that allows you to use Visual Studio 2010 to create games for Windows Phone, the Xbox 360 console, and Windows-based computers. XNA Game Studio 4.0 includes the XNA Framework 4.0, which is a set of ...
  • DotRetro emulators on .NET / XNA  v.rcGame system emulators that run on the .NET/XNA frameworks. Allows games to run in the .NET/XNA framework that were originally developed for another platform. Currently has Space Invaders and limited NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) ...
  • XNA MD2 Model Animator  v.1.0MD2 (Quake II Style) 3D model loader and animator for the C# XNA games development framework; includes demonstration/tutorial application. Developed on Microsoft C# Express 2005 and the Microsoft XNA Games Development Framework 1.0 Refresh ...
  • Evolution XNA Game Engine  v.1.0XNA Shader 3D Game Engine, it includes physics, Artificial Intelegence, Particle System. Bone Animation Blending, C# Scripting, Billboards, Compressed Content Directory or Virtual File System for Content.
  • XNA World Domination - PC  v.1.0XNA World Domination is a game loosely based on the board game Risk. It will be written in C# taking advantage of Mircosoft's XNA game libraries.Once in Beta/RC1, XBox 360 port will be started.
  • Goblin XNA  v.1.0Goblin XNA is a platform for research on 3D user interfaces, including mobile augmented reality and virtual reality, with an emphasis on games. It is written in C# and based on the Microsoft XNA platform. ...
  • XNA Squares  v.1.0a meta squares like game (classic puzzle game lost to me long ago) created in xna.meta squares was an old puzzle game available online (similar to the PnP game S.O.S). this will be a "clone" of the game, complete with a simplistic AI.
  • Basically XNA  v.1.0Basically XNA is a simple 2-D action game that implements core game design elements such as input and collision detection. While the game itself is designed to be fun and playable, the project's end goal is to educate those who would contribute.
  • The Ur-Quan Masters: XNA Melee  v.1.0A modernized version of The Ur-Quan Masters SuperMelee mode, for the Xbox360 and Windows platforms, using Microsoft XNA Game Studio.
  • XNA 2D sidescrolling game  v.1.0An XNA 2D sidescrolling game full of portable classes and multiple games, menu screens, playability options such as PC or XBOX 360, and more. Plenty of advanced concepts for use in learning XNA.
  • DC XNA Project  v.1.0An XNA action, rpg rts game made by full sail students.
  • ZAM XNA Engine  v.1.0XNA 2D/3D game engine for creating both Window PC and XBOX Live Indie games.
  • Ironhouse XNA  v.1.0Ironhouse (sandbox) is XNA 3D Engine for multipurpose activity with network support and physics. Build for test various objects ...
  • Blender XNA Pipeline Plugin  v.1.0A plug-in allowing home-brew game developers using the Microsoft XNA framework to import content from Blender's native binary format.
  • Minimalist Game Framework for Xna  v.1.0Minimalist Game Framework for Xna. A very simple, yet more flexible alternative to Xna's Game framework.
  • DOSBox-XNA  v.1.0DOSBox-XNA is a port of the DOSBox emulator for Microsoft's XNA platform for Win32 and XBox 360 ...
  • XNA Screen Manager  v.1.0A screen manager for XNA complete with screens, buttons, movable forms, and transitions between screens. This was designed with 2D games in mind. Perfect for Menus, HUDs, and a verity of Screens.
  • XNA Modest Graphics Engine  v.1.0A simple graphics engine that is built within Microsoft's XNA. The main focus of this project is to provide a simple graphics library that will allow anyone to deploy quick and simple line-based graphics with ease.
  • XNA GPS  v.1.0It stands for XNA Game Pad Support. This is a very updated version of the XNA Direct Input project also hosted on SourceForge. There will be two versions available: One for XNA Framework 2.0, and one for 3.0.
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